“We are a modern company with a vast experience…”

empresa_mGabritex exists since 1988, the year of its establishment as a trading company shares and which began its activity in the clothing industry, with only 10 employees and a small establishment.

With the gradual development of their business and penetrating new markets, the company acquired in 1994 new and more extensive facilities which would enable it to meet the growing demands of its customers.

Since this date Gabritex has brought about an increase of its facilities, creating better working conditions, increasing its area of production and administration, thus providing its staff a more condign facilities.

Gabritex today offers a building better adapted to their needs, with an area of ​​4500m2, employing 130 employees with a daily average production of 7000 units.

Gabritex does not have its own brand and does not commercialize its products in Portugal. All our products are for export. Some of our traditional customers are located in France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany and Netherlands, where we produce for the most prestigious global brands, with a high degree of satisfaction. We are a modern company with a vast experience and an important reference in the textile industry in Portugal.

The investments made in recent years, are located in the areas of production, with the increase of facilities and acquisition of new equipment, and in the area of information systems and management.

The training of our employees is constant, mercy of existing contracts with partners that are specialized in the area, who provide the essential training to our employees in order to improve the final quality of our products.


In the whole production process, we make the necessary verifications in order to have the best possible quality. The observance of principles aimed at this quality is a rule imposed in our company, in compliance with the rules and procedures that are required by certification  organizations  recognized internationally.

Companies that cooperate with us in the production of our products are also bound to a set of certifications to guarantee good quality.

Our credentials go beyond the above standards, because we are also certified by ISO 9001.

Our company is classified by IAPMEI since 2009, (Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises), as Business Leader, ranking only awarded to companies that, with their way, managed to meet a set of indicators of good management.

With the excellence of its results for the year 2010 and 2012, in various fields, our company was awarded the rank of “PME EXCELLENCE”.

Our credibility can also be attested by the major banks we work with such as BES, BPI and Millennium-BCP.

Our accounting data can also be accessed via the website of D&B with the account number: 452101769 or our VAT number 501992375.


Gabritex is located in northern Portugal, about 5km from the city center Braga. The nearest airport (Oporto) is about 40 km, very close to the A3 motorway, which links the Oporto to Valença.
Gabritex can also be found with the Google Maps coordinates: 41.51795, -8.483999


Our production is based on a wide range of sportswear products for men, women and children. As raw materials are used all kinds of circular knitted, with stamping – part or meters and with or without embroidery – embossed or applicable. Above all, we adapt our product to the needs of customers and their markets. For this we have 25 years of experience in developing these products and the very high level of demand from our customers.
We also have the most modern equipment throughout the manufacturing process, from cutting to packaging computerized automatic.


In our production cycle, we use various kinds of knitwear in 100% cotton, organic cotton, cotton/lycra, cotton/polyester, polyester/recycled, cotton wool viscose/modal and all the possible compositions in the desired proportions.

Among which:
Italian and American Lint